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and modern Ecodesign compliant wood burning stoves burning the correct fuel continue to be a very sound environmental heating solution. 

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In a press release from DEFRA it stated that “Government recognises that a range of households have open fires or stoves and is not seeking to prevent their use or installation through these proposals. However, action is needed to reduce the amount of PM2.5 produced as a direct result of domestic combustion”.

The stove industry welcomed the announcement today that the sale of coal and wet wood will be phased out between 2021 and 2023 as these are the two most polluting fuels. 

The legislation announced today is as follows;

  • To stop the sale of all pre-packaged traditional bituminous house coal (with a ban on loose sales via coal merchants to be applied at a later date). 
  •  Ensure that wood sold in single units under 2m3 (loose stacked) must have a moisture content of 20% or less. 
  • Implement a national requirement for certified controlled sulphur content and a smoke emission limit on manufactured solid fuels (as currently applies in Smoke Conrol Areas). 
SIA Log Wet vs Dry
Wet vs Dry Logs
SIA Eco Design Logs
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Ecodesign ready stoves produce 90% less emissions than an open fire and are a very low carbon method of heating using a totally renewable and sustainable fuel. The SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) encourages the public to burn approved dry wood and smokeless fuel in a modern SIA Ecodesign Ready appliance. By doing so they ensure the maximum efficiency of their appliance while significantly reducing particulate emissions. 

SIA Retail Group Members
SIA Retail Members
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Come and visit our showroom to talk with up to date technical staff and see the fabulous selection of SIA Ecodesign ready appliances.  

The link to Defra’s announcement is: