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Now in residence in the back of one our buildings, for the last month or so we have had to be very quiet as these two young squabs have been growing rapidly and look like they are too big for their nest now. The ladders (that their parents deemed a suitable base for their des-res) have been out of action for some years now, lucky for them eh.

Like the parents of these two, we have had a very busy spring with special offers from a couple of the stove manufacturers helping to bring in the bacon. These spring offers have now ended… oh dear I hear you say but fear not we will be bringing our own Summer promotion in the next few weeks please watch this space :)

We have had good sales of wood fuel this spring despite what appears to be one of the warmest we have had since 1910.

The following is taken from the Met Office website.

Early figures suggest third warmest spring on record

Early statistics from the Met Office National Climate Information Centre show that this has been one of the warmest springs in records dating back to 1910.

Based on figures up until 28 May and then assuming average conditions to the end of the month, the mean temperature for the UK for the season is 8.97 °C, third warmest in the records (beaten by 2007 with 9.05 °C and 2011 with 9.15 °C ”

Lets hope the summer is glorious…

The Happy Forrester :)