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Fair Kop (sic) really, this year was the first year that we had a bit of rain on both days of the event. Not sure how many people squeezed into our modest marquee but we certainly had more than we could cope with !

This year we were joined by David from Firenzo and Rupert from Woodwarm and Steve from Hwam, many thanks to them for taking time out over a weekend to promote their products.

We had a great time although a tad disappointed that the Spitfire fly pass was canceled due to the weather on the Saturday but cheered by the Hurricane fly past on the Sunday. We had some good runs up the hill in the Jensen although it was a bit slippy in places.

We saw the fastest sofa in the world, driven by Ed China of Wheeler Dealers fame also present this year was Genevieve, the car that was the star of the 1953 film of the same name There were a handful of Ferrari’s there to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

The event helps to raise fund for local charities on behalf of Heart of Bucks and last year a record-breaking £100,000 was raised. We look forward to next year which I am sure will come around sooner than I think.

The Happy Forrester