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Our 2nd year sponsoring at this historic hill climb event and we are beginning to get the hang of it. Last year the curve was steep, getting everything organised, to set up a showroom in the middle of a field with two stoves under fire, lots of choices and decisions to be made. Let alone getting the cars prepared in time. The Marquee arrived 2 days before the set up on Friday, the flag banners arrived on the day ! well we made it with minutes to spare and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the process.

So we decided to do it all over again this year…

This year we made a great decision to stay over in the camper van instead of travelling back to Garsington each night. This would save us a lot of time, instead of the to-ing and fro-ing, we got to take in all the cars, the myriad of stalls and sponsors stands oh and also we found a beer tent !

The weather again was very kind and indeed it could be said that it was glorious.

I recognise that smiling face guarding the Tubby Jacks Ceramic BBQ Grill and Smoker. This year we have taken on the dealership for Tubby Jacks for outdoor cooking at its best and we had the support of Ryan Jean ( the main man behind Tubby Jacks) on the Saturday. We lit the charcoal around 9.30 and although we had to cure the ceramics ( a one off process when new) which took about an hour, we were up and running. Ryan brought the contents of his local Butchers ! and we started cooking.

We cooked a combination of a whole chicken ( yes a whole chicken!) lightly smoked with one of the range of Tubby Jacks flavoured wood chips that gave a wonderfully subtle taste to the moist perfectly cooked meat. We had pork chops, lamb, steaks both rump and fillet and all cooked without seasoning or marinades and the results were stunning. There was certainly no lack of willing tasters from visitors to the stand. We used only two fuel loads through the whole day which amazed us all. In fact you could still have cooked on it at 8.30 in the evening so good is the ceramic in retaining heat, the temperature gauge was still showing 150 degrees Celsius!!!

This years special star of the show…

…The Golden Ford

A Model T that won the 1912 All-Ford Race at Brooklands in front of company founder Henry. The car was raced at Brooklands and Saltburn Sands in 1912-13 by pioneer motor agent and aviator AE George of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Known as the “Golden Ford” due to its brightly-polished brass, streamlined, monoposto body, it is one of only a handful of genuine pre-First World War Brooklands cars to survive.




M’mmm nice and as soon as I get the Hungry Penguin I will start saving for the F-Type.

A great weekend with great people raising money for Local Charities, looking forward to next year already.