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Our cooking demonstration on Sat 14th of November was well attended. The Tubby Jacks were fired up prior to opening the showroom and some Plain Air Cured Bacon was first up.

Not surprisingly there was some good interest in this demonstration!!

We then added Tubby Jacks Hickory wood chips and hot smoked the bacon.

In a word, delicious, it is amazing how quickly the bacon took on the flavour of the hickory chips and with so many choices of flavour of wood chips we have a lot of experimenting to do !

Next up was plain pork sausages and again we used Hickory Chips to add some additional flavouring. We soon ran out of these and again the flavour was amazing.

We had some Pork Belly marinating overnight with some Star Anise, Szechuan peppercorn and honey. The Tubby Jacks handled this brilliantly, slow cooked for 1 hour then we opened up the vents and got the temperature cranked right up to for the last 5 mins to finish the charring. The pork was tender, juicy and sticky.

To finish off  we had some chicken wings in a home made Buffalo sauce.

The event was a roaring success and we were so busy we didn’t even get time to get a few pictures taken !

I can’t help wonder how excited the six people will be when they open their Christmas Presents this year to discover they have been given a Tubby Jacks for Christmas.