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Ford Logs – Our Trusted Log Suppliers

Ford Logs – Our Trusted Log Suppliers

Manor House Stoves regularly use firewood from Ford Logs in our showrooms and at home, and are happy to recommend them to our customers. Ford Logs are an Oxfordshire based, Woodsure certified supplier of quality kiln dried hardwood logs. Their logs are barn stored, fully seasoned (less than 15% moisture) and sustainably sourced exclusively from UK suppliers. Woodsure Accreditation means customers can rely on receiving a product which consistently meets rigorous quality and environmental standards.

Established in 2009, Ford Logs supply primarily Beech, Ash, Cherry and Oak which naturally burn slowly and with excellent heat. Once kiln dried, these slower growing hardwoods provide customers with an even greater heat output and a cleaner burn. This is far better for the environment than traditional firewood as there is less pollution created by the hotter burn. Ultimately kiln drying saves you money on firewood and reduces logging and deliveries. Most stove manufacturers recommend burning kiln dried wood as it is kinder to your stove and chimney liner. 

Ford Logs also offer natural firelighters, kindling and free local delivery.  Find out more at

Knock Knock Who’s there !

Basket !

Basket who ?

Basket home, its nearly dark!


Okay its a bad joke 🙂 unlike these baskets.

Great range and choice of sizes and styles.

Treat your Hearth and Wood-burner this Christmas to a smart new log basket.

From kiln dried logs, fire guards to fireside companion sets, with these and many other ideas for Christmas gifts come and visit our showroom.