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Chesney’s London Outdoor Heating Range – 10% Off

Chesney’s London Outdoor Heating Range – 10% Off

Outdoor Heating – Stoves for Outdoors from Chensey’s London. Available until May 12th with 10% Off and delivered with the exclusive ‘White Glove Delivery’ and socially distanced setup. 

The first of the Chensey’s Outdoor Heating range was launched by celebrity chef James Martin at the Chelsea Flower Show in 2018 and has gone from strength to strength.  

Now encompassing 5 different models from the smaller and award winning Heat & Grill to outdoor cooking and heating on a larger scale with the top of the range Garden Party which provides cooking and heating in grandeur! There is an option for just heat if you already have a BBQ the Clean Burn offers the simplicity of outdoor heat in with very little fuel. 

Within the offer there is also the fully redesigned for 2020,  Terrace Gourmet The large circular grill is big enough to cook for 8-10 people with any of six cooking methods: grilling, roasting, baking, smoking, wok cooking and wood fired pizza. 


Chesney’s say: 


DUAL FUNCTION The Heat & Grill and Gourmet Range are the first single appliances on the market to successfully combine an efficient outdoor heater with a barbecue. 

EFFICIENT  The heat is delivered from a sealed chamber, meaning that the burn rate and heat output can be regulated by a simple control system. 

ENVIRONMENTAL  The Heat range of Heater Barbecues employs the same technology used in our range of indoor wood burning stoves and therefore only produce a clean burn. 

ATMOSPHERIC  The Heat range allows a generous but protected view of the fire not only making it a highly atmospheric experience but reducing any need to move if the wind changes direction. 

To take advantage of this offer please contact us via email to

SIA Retail Group and DEFRA Clean Air Policy

SIA Retail Group and DEFRA Clean Air Policy


and modern Ecodesign compliant wood burning stoves burning the correct fuel continue to be a very sound environmental heating solution. 

Charnwood Cove1 - Bodj Products Log Basket

In a press release from DEFRA it stated that “Government recognises that a range of households have open fires or stoves and is not seeking to prevent their use or installation through these proposals. However, action is needed to reduce the amount of PM2.5 produced as a direct result of domestic combustion”.

The stove industry welcomed the announcement today that the sale of coal and wet wood will be phased out between 2021 and 2023 as these are the two most polluting fuels. 

The legislation announced today is as follows;

  • To stop the sale of all pre-packaged traditional bituminous house coal (with a ban on loose sales via coal merchants to be applied at a later date). 
  •  Ensure that wood sold in single units under 2m3 (loose stacked) must have a moisture content of 20% or less. 
  • Implement a national requirement for certified controlled sulphur content and a smoke emission limit on manufactured solid fuels (as currently applies in Smoke Conrol Areas). 
SIA Log Wet vs Dry
Wet vs Dry Logs
SIA Eco Design Logs
Log Comparison SIA EcoDesign Ready

Ecodesign ready stoves produce 90% less emissions than an open fire and are a very low carbon method of heating using a totally renewable and sustainable fuel. The SIA (Stove Industry Alliance) encourages the public to burn approved dry wood and smokeless fuel in a modern SIA Ecodesign Ready appliance. By doing so they ensure the maximum efficiency of their appliance while significantly reducing particulate emissions. 

SIA Retail Group Members
SIA Retail Members
Ordentlich Aufgeschichteter Holzstapel, Kaminholz, Brennholz, Ro
Woodsure Logs stocked and recommended

Come and visit our showroom to talk with up to date technical staff and see the fabulous selection of SIA Ecodesign ready appliances.  

The link to Defra’s announcement is:

Choosing Your Perfect Stove Style – Traditional vs Contemporary

Choosing Your Perfect Stove Style – Traditional vs Contemporary

When you’re deciding on which stove and style is right for you it’s really worth considering not just the aesthetic (although that is REALLY important of course!) but some more practical factors worth considering before moving on to what will look best are:

What type of space are you installing in to? Livingroom, conservatory etc.

  • What type of space are you installing in to? Livingroom, conservatory etc.
  • Whether or not the room in which you are installing also has central heating/ underfloor heating and how effectively it works
  • Ceiling height – seems odd but trust us, it’s an important factor!
  • Chimney – do you need one, or if you have one already have it tested before you install a new stove
  • What kind of  heat output will be needed (KW output)

As an indicator it is generally accepted that for every 14 cubic metres of space, you will need 1kW (approximately) of heat output in order to a achieve a room temperature of 21 degrees in an otherwise unheated room.

Once you have an idea of what size of output, and if your chimney is suitable for your new stove you then are down to the more “fun” aspects!

The style and function of the room in which you are installing your stove will dictate a lot of the stove you chose, also the overall aesthetic of your home will play a part. If you have an ultra-modern glass fronted home with all white surfaces and lots of open spaces chances are that you will want a larger output modern style stove there are many of these more modern styles available now – these examples of the Contura i51 which Contura say “With generous glass areas on three sides and a spacious firebox, Contura i51 is truly an insert for the modern home. The technology beneath the aesthetic hood is specially adapted for houses with modern heating technology that creates negative pressure.”

Contura I51 T
Contura I51 T

We also love the Jøtul F481 for it’s “architectural, clean expression”  The pedestal works, not only as a design feature, but also as practical storage space for accessories and logs.

F 481 Int 2
F 481 Int 2

If you have a very classic home or a traditional fire place it is likely that you will want more of a practical traditional square cast iron design – although some of the more traditional style stoves now come in a range of colours. The Charnwood Cove 2 is available in a range of finishes to compliment your room.

Cove 2
Charnwood Cove 2

If the Cove is still a little more contemporary than you’d like and you are looking for a fully traditional stove which will look classic and timeless there are a number of options in varying outputs and sizes in the showroom. Here are a couple of our top picks. The Classic lines of both the Chesney’s Salisbury (pictured left) and the ACR Rowan Dale (right) offer the traditional stove look but with all the Eco Credentials you need to ensure you are Clean Air compliant even in Smoke Control Areas (SCA). 

Chesney's Salisbury
Chesney’s Salisbury
ACR Rowandale
ACR Rowandale

Finally there is another option for those of you wanting a bit different there is always the Clearview or Dean Forge stoves which have a small oven in the top, prefect for a multi-function appliance, warm your supper whilst warming your home!

Dean Forge Baker 5
Dean Forge Baker 5
Clear View Pioneer
Clear View Pioneer

We have a huge array of stoves in our showroom so if you have an idea of what you want – or even if you don’t – pop in and meet our team and we will help you decide on the best style and functionality for you.

Location, Location, Location. Alternatives to the traditional living space fireplace

Location, Location, Location. Alternatives to the traditional living space fireplace

When we think about having a cosy woodburning stove we probably all think of having a traditional fireplace in a living room. Following on from our blog all about alternatives to a traditional fireplace, we have also seen an increased number of stoves going in to more unusual locations!

The spike in popularity of log cabins, yurts, camping pods and summer houses has meant a rise in the number of mini-stoves we have seen being installed in to these types of structure. The nature of these outdoor installations means that they are unable to be connected to mains heating and therefore using a mini wood-burner is an ideal solution. Creating a cosy, warm feeling inside an otherwise “outdoor” space. These types of installation usually require either a heat shield panel if against wood or in the case of a yurt they’re almost always positioned in the centre of the structure.

Img 4417 2

We have also seen a recent increase in the number of installations of stoves in other rooms in peoples’ homes, we’ve enjoyed installing recent projects in both conservatories and bedrooms.

Conservatory installations provide a great focal point and another usable living space which in winter months may otherwise be neglected. Conservatories are often cold and closed off in winter as heating a big glass space can be costly. By installing a wood burning stove you are providing a heating source that is not only a fantastic design feature but is also a clean air compliant appliance which will help combat climate change by using clean burn technology.

Scan Bedroom.8
8575 3

Bedrooms, although this may seem unusual, are actually quite a traditional setting for a fire. In homes – before central heating – a lot of people had a fireplace in the bedroom and many homes still do have this as a decorative feature. The trend towards re-opening these fireplaces and chimneys and then fitting a beautiful EcoDesign Ready stove means that your bedroom is always toasty and warm. Lazy Sunday mornings are elevated to a whole new level of comfort with a stove and kettle topper, at this time of year you need not even venture downstairs to snuggle up by the wood-burner if you have one in your bedroom!

We have a full range of stoves in our showroom, from mini stoves for your holiday pod to a large conservatory warmer.