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Manor House Stoves will look after your project from start to finish. Our Showroom staff and installation teams have a variety of skills from retail, design, engineering and the building industry including of course their HETAS qualifications (We have a combined industry experience of over 200 years across our staff). This gives us a unique advantage, as we can assign skill sets that are specific to your project regardless of the technical difficulties that each property can present to us.

When it comes to buying a wood burning stove there are many things to consider. This can seem overwhelming to some. We aim to fill in the gaps of your wood burning experience and knowledge (in plain English). To give you information that will give you the confidence to make the best informed of decisions.

Complete project management under one roof. We can advise and look after every aspect of your project from start to finish

Survey- we offer free surveys of your property or site. Typically Mondays to Fridays between 10 and 4 o’clock

Proposal: we will provide a written estimate of all aspects of the project in one document following our survey

Diverse skill sets across our staff from Design, Building, Engineering, Retail and Accounts

HETAS trained installers and showroom staff to ensure that your project meets current regulation and legislation

Stove selection- we will advise on the best size of stove for your situation in addition to this advice there may be technical reasons why the wood burner you choose may not be suitable for your application. We have the largest showroom in a 40-mile radius. Furthermore with over 80 stoves on display, 15 of which are under fire. We represent the largest cross section of manufacturers from the UK and Scandinavia (along with a few others from around the globe)

A wood burner, that is used correctly will give many years of warmth. We will advise on getting the best out of your stove. Therefore helping to solve any problems that might arise over the years of ownership

Good value? and a return on your investment? Wood fuel sourced locally can cost from around 1p – 2.5p per kilo watt hour. Compare this to gas which is around 5p per kilo watt hour and electricity around 11p per kilo watt hour. Depending on how often the stove is used, savings are in the range of £200- £400 per year. Furthermore over the lifetime of the stove which properly looked after will give approximately 2.4 times the return on your initial investment