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Chesneys HEAT 500 BBQ Patio Heater

Chesneys HEAT 500 BBQ Patio Heater

Chesneys HEAT 500 BBQ Patio heater is now available and Chesneys are curently reporting a two week delivery time from placement of order.

Delivery is direct to your door from Chesneys. A Premium ‘white glove’ service is available. The Premium service provides the complete un-packing of the HEAT 500 BBQ in your chosen position and levelled using the adjustable feet. The flue pipe and optional wooden side shelves will be slotted into place. And all ready to go!

The HEAT 500 BBQ has a grill diameter of 456mm and comes with a stainless steel flue pipe and flue cap. The flue cap is rotated to adjust the furnace temperature therefore allowing for long slow cooking as well as general barbecuing.


The removable grill is rotatable to provide different cooking heights and also allow for Wok cooking. All of the HEAT models come with a digital thermometer so you can maintain precise cooking control, along with an ash pan for easy removal of ash plus an all-weather protective cover. Sturdy removable wooden side shelves are available as an additional option.

And once the food has finished sit back and enjoy the warmth and beauty of the HEAT range as an outdoor woodburning patio heater. Perfect!








Chesneys HEAT Outdoor Living range has arrived

Chesneys HEAT Outdoor Living range has arrived

Chesneys HEAT Outdoor Living range BBQ and outdoor heater appliance have arrived and are now on live display and sizzling in our showroom garden patio.


And our verdict is…WOW! They have brought together what we have all been waiting for: a fantastically controllable BBQ with a real wood outdoor heater that does not stream smoke into your eyes and actually keeps you warm.

Chesneys HEAT Outdoor Living beautifully brings together a sophisticated BBQ cooking appliance with an outdoor real fire heater. The BBQ Cook allows temperature control and has a variety of cooking modes including smoking, baking and Wok cooking.

“I love cooking on the HEAT barbecue. It provides a unique degree of temperature control, ease of use and variety of cooking modes that provides almost limitless opportunities for cooking different recipes. It’s very fast to light and emits very little smoke. Given the choice, I wouldn’t cook on any other barbecue.”

James Martin


And when the sun starts to drop you can continue to sit outside around the woodburning fire and extend these summer days late into the evening. The HEAT range incoprorates Chesneys award-winning stove technology to create an elegantly designed envirnomentally friendly outdoor heater.

There are four models in the Chesneys HEAT Outdoor Living range; HEAT 400 is a circular design with a 375mm diameter grill; HEAT 500 is the largest circular design with a grill size of 456mm diameter; HEAT 600 rectangular model has a grill size of 522mm(w) x 320mm(d); HEAT 700 is the biggest beast in the range with a party-sized 638mm(w) x 384mm(d) grill.

Since the launch at Chelsea Flower there has been a very positive response.. so if you’re intending to sizzle this summer then get your skates on to secure your HEAT.

Kop Hill Climb Festival Fundraising

Kop Hill Climb Festival Fundraising

Petrol Heads and Wood-burners.

Jensen Healey

David and his Jensen

How the year slips past, it only seems a few months ago that we were setting up the stand for the weekend event. It has been firmly on our calendar since 2013 and an opportunity to mix business with pleasure. They say that you should not mix the two !.  But we throw caution to wind for this occasion and I am a firm believer that doing business should be pleasurable.

It is also a pleasure to support local charities in our community. The event has raised just over half a million pounds ( // ) follow the link for more details.

This year we will be showing some of our most popular wood burning stoves and showcasing the new Chesney’s Heat, the ultimate woodburning cooker/BBQ and heater for outdoor living.

James Martin

“Chesney’s new Barbecue Heater is brilliant. It’s the most versatile cooking appliance I’ve ever used and afterwards it’s the perfect way to stay warm and create an atmosphere that makes the party last all night. It changes the whole experience of outdoor living.”

James Martin

We would love to see you there, come and have a chat on stand and maybe a bite to eat from our demonstration of the Chesney’s Heat.

Warm wishes

The Happy Forester 🙂

Ecodesign 2020 – What is it, why and what does it mean for woodburning stoves?

What is it?

Ecodesign 2020 is the European Union’s programme for lowering emissions in the atmosphere and will be implemented across Europe from January 2020 (for independent boilers) and January 2022 for room-heater solid-fuel stoves.  DEFRA (the UK Department for Environment Fisheries and Rural Administration) has confirmed its commitment to Ecodesign following Brexit; the Great Repeal Bill will bring the Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Directives into UK law. Therefore all solid fuel appliances will have to meet new Ecodesign 2020 testing criteria to not exceed specific limits of particles, as from 2022.


We all want to breathe clean air and fight against pollution from emissions. The overall aim therefore of Ecodesign 2020 is to lower the particulate matter released into the atmosphere and so improve air quality. Particulate matters include organic gaseous compounds (OGC), carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and, for some fuels, sulphur. Energy efficient appliances using quality wood fuels is a way of reducing the amount of partuculate matters discharged into the atmosphere.

What does it mean for wood burning stoves?

Findings from a research project ‘Supergen’ at Manchester, Newcastle and Leeds Universities have shown clearly that old solid fuel appliances emit larger volumes of particulates whilst new clean-burn appliances burning the right fuels drastically reduce particulate emissions.

Recently published figures show that newly designed appliances can produce 90% less emissions than those of 20years ago and in comparison with open fires burning poor fuel. Modern appliances are highly engineered, clean, efficient and effective heating appliances and have improved as recently as 5-10years ago.

And the right fuel is integral to the efficiency and amounts of particulates emitted; laboratory testing showed an open fire burning wet wood produced four to five times the weight of particulates than burning dry wood in a similar open fire.

And so how to choose a stove?

Come into our showroom..

…we have expert staff to discuss the many models of stoves available and the efficiencies that they operate at. Customers can view HETAS approved stoves and Stove Industry Alliance ‘Ecodesign ready’ stoves to make an informed choice of stove that already meet some of the Ecodesign requirements ahead of the legislation.

Wood burning stoves are not all the same, buy confidently and intelligently

Further information can also be found on the HETAS website at

Early closure on the 15th Dec

We will be closing the showroom and office early on Friday the 15th Dec for the Staff Christmas Lunch

Manor House Christmas Lunch

Manor House Christmas Lunch

Showroom and office will close at 12.30 pm. We will be open as usual on the 16th Dec.

New Season; New Stoves; and a New-Improved Website to Boot

Well a new season is upon us and the tail end of Ophelia has done her best to whip all the leaves from the trees. We have been busy gearing up for the new season over the last few months. We have remodeled the lower contemporary showroom area, put five new wood burning stoves under fire, including the new App driven Hwam 3110. We also have a new and improved website. Lots of small but significant changes. We hope you will like what you find.


Warm Wishes


The Happy Forrester

Kop Hill Climb 2017

Fair Kop (sic) really, this year was the first year that we had a bit of rain on both days of the event. Not sure how many people squeezed into our modest marquee but we certainly had more than we could cope with !

This year we were joined by David from Firenzo and Rupert from Woodwarm and Steve from Hwam, many thanks to them for taking time out over a weekend to promote their products.

We had a great time although a tad disappointed that the Spitfire fly pass was canceled due to the weather on the Saturday but cheered by the Hurricane fly past on the Sunday. We had some good runs up the hill in the Jensen although it was a bit slippy in places.

We saw the fastest sofa in the world, driven by Ed China of Wheeler Dealers fame also present this year was Genevieve, the car that was the star of the 1953 film of the same name There were a handful of Ferrari’s there to celebrate their 70th anniversary.

The event helps to raise fund for local charities on behalf of Heart of Bucks and last year a record-breaking £100,000 was raised. We look forward to next year which I am sure will come around sooner than I think.

The Happy Forrester

Jotul Dealer day

Our yearly Pilgrimage to Jotul Main Dealer Day this week, was, as always a pleasure. A chance to meet up with old friends from Dealerships far and wide over a delightful lunch and to see the new changes to the existing stove range.

Baby you can light my fire!

How to light the perfect fire in a wood burning stove

1. Wood burns best on a layer of ash so you always need to ensure there is a nice flat bed of ash at the base of the fire. This will of course not be possible if you have just bought your stove and it is the first time you are lighting it, but thereafter it is always best to leave at least some ash in the fire bed and is not advisable to burn straight onto the grate or base brick every time.

2. To get your fire started, you will need small pieces of wood called kindling. These small pieces create a good, strong flame which warms the chimney up and gets the inside of the stove hot enough to put your logs on. Softwood or kiln dried kindling is best and must not be treated or painted wood. The kindling must be spaced out evenly to allow a good airflow and we recommend 3 layers arranged in a criss-cross, or camp-fire fashion. You can buy kindling and natural fire lighters here.

3. When your stove is all laid up with firelighters and kindling, the next step is of course to light it. Using matches or a lighter, light the firelighters. Open the air controls on the stove and leave the door open ajar. Leaving the door open slightly will do 2 things. Firstly, it will ensure more air gets inside the stove so the kindling will light quicker and secondly, it should stop the glass from misting up as the air wash system in your stove will not be up to temperature yet to help keep the glass clear.

4. Make sure you start off with a couple of small logs to begin with as the stove is not up to temperature yet, putting a large piece of wood on may kill the fire. The same as with the kindling ensure they are spaced out evenly to allow a good airflow and not too close to the glass, as this can cause it to blacken up! Close the door on the stove and over the course of a few minutes; slowly close the air controls down. Try not to close them down entirely; this will smother the fire as there will be no oxygen to allow the fire to burn. Make sure the wood you are using is well seasoned and has not been treated with anything. You can buy wood here, or if you are seasoning your own wood, it is best to use a moisture meter so you know when your logs are dry enough to burn. IMPORTANT Only burn wood with less than 20% moisture. We sell moisture meters.

5. Last but not least, sit back and enjoy your stove!

Kop Hill 2016

How the year rolls round, our yearly outing to Kop Hill was another great success this year. We have been one of the main sponsors for 4 years now with this year being the busiest yet. We all enjoy the weekend and chatting to other petrol heads ( its not all about woodburning ! ) the set up and take down times for the stand have improved, as has our runs up the hill. We feel quite humbled nestling between Porsche and DS Citroen, a small family firm up with the Corporates !

Last year the event raised over £75,000.00 which is a record for Kop Hill and with local charities benefiting its a win win ! This year we were helped out by David of Firenzo Stoves and Paul and Angie from Tubby Jacks BBQ and Grills. This years special guest was Mary Berry who went up the hill with Paddy Hopkirk in a replica Mini Cooper (a lot of bun was had there then ! ) We are looking forward to next year already !

Cooking Demo report…

Our cooking demonstration on Sat 14th of November was well attended. The Tubby Jacks were fired up prior to opening the showroom and some Plain Air Cured Bacon was first up.

Not surprisingly there was some good interest in this demonstration!!

We then added Tubby Jacks Hickory wood chips and hot smoked the bacon.

In a word, delicious, it is amazing how quickly the bacon took on the flavour of the hickory chips and with so many choices of flavour of wood chips we have a lot of experimenting to do !

Next up was plain pork sausages and again we used Hickory Chips to add some additional flavouring. We soon ran out of these and again the flavour was amazing.

We had some Pork Belly marinating overnight with some Star Anise, Szechuan peppercorn and honey. The Tubby Jacks handled this brilliantly, slow cooked for 1 hour then we opened up the vents and got the temperature cranked right up to for the last 5 mins to finish the charring. The pork was tender, juicy and sticky.

To finish off  we had some chicken wings in a home made Buffalo sauce.

The event was a roaring success and we were so busy we didn’t even get time to get a few pictures taken !

I can’t help wonder how excited the six people will be when they open their Christmas Presents this year to discover they have been given a Tubby Jacks for Christmas.

Kop Hill Climb 2015

What a weekend !!  we were blessed with some fantastic weather and some fantastic company. There were old friends to see and new ones made, with plenty of visitors to our stand. This year our stand was next to Porsche ( they had an amazing coffee machine and they kept us in caffeine for the weekend, very grateful).

We were joined by Ryan Jean from Tubby Jacks  and David Adams from Firenzo Stoves  and on the Saturday by Tim Martin from Contura who were on hand to chat with clients and showcase their products.

We had 8 runs up the hill over the two days which certainly got the adrenalin flowing. As well as the fear of stalling the car as we sat on the start line in front of a packed grandstand.

We would like to thank Darrell Minards and the team at Kop Hill Climb for organising a fantastic weekend raising money for local charities and having a great time whilst doing so.

Some random shots…

Knock Knock Who’s there !

Basket !

Basket who ?

Basket home, its nearly dark!


Okay its a bad joke 🙂 unlike these baskets.

Great range and choice of sizes and styles.

Treat your Hearth and Wood-burner this Christmas to a smart new log basket.

From kiln dried logs, fire guards to fireside companion sets, with these and many other ideas for Christmas gifts come and visit our showroom.

Kop Hill Climb 2014… at last

Our 2nd year sponsoring at this historic hill climb event and we are beginning to get the hang of it. Last year the curve was steep, getting everything organised, to set up a showroom in the middle of a field with two stoves under fire, lots of choices and decisions to be made. Let alone getting the cars prepared in time. The Marquee arrived 2 days before the set up on Friday, the flag banners arrived on the day ! well we made it with minutes to spare and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in the process.

So we decided to do it all over again this year…

This year we made a great decision to stay over in the camper van instead of travelling back to Garsington each night. This would save us a lot of time, instead of the to-ing and fro-ing, we got to take in all the cars, the myriad of stalls and sponsors stands oh and also we found a beer tent !

The weather again was very kind and indeed it could be said that it was glorious.

I recognise that smiling face guarding the Tubby Jacks Ceramic BBQ Grill and Smoker. This year we have taken on the dealership for Tubby Jacks for outdoor cooking at its best and we had the support of Ryan Jean ( the main man behind Tubby Jacks) on the Saturday. We lit the charcoal around 9.30 and although we had to cure the ceramics ( a one off process when new) which took about an hour, we were up and running. Ryan brought the contents of his local Butchers ! and we started cooking.

We cooked a combination of a whole chicken ( yes a whole chicken!) lightly smoked with one of the range of Tubby Jacks flavoured wood chips that gave a wonderfully subtle taste to the moist perfectly cooked meat. We had pork chops, lamb, steaks both rump and fillet and all cooked without seasoning or marinades and the results were stunning. There was certainly no lack of willing tasters from visitors to the stand. We used only two fuel loads through the whole day which amazed us all. In fact you could still have cooked on it at 8.30 in the evening so good is the ceramic in retaining heat, the temperature gauge was still showing 150 degrees Celsius!!!

This years special star of the show…

…The Golden Ford

A Model T that won the 1912 All-Ford Race at Brooklands in front of company founder Henry. The car was raced at Brooklands and Saltburn Sands in 1912-13 by pioneer motor agent and aviator AE George of Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Known as the “Golden Ford” due to its brightly-polished brass, streamlined, monoposto body, it is one of only a handful of genuine pre-First World War Brooklands cars to survive.




M’mmm nice and as soon as I get the Hungry Penguin I will start saving for the F-Type.

A great weekend with great people raising money for Local Charities, looking forward to next year already.

Pigeon Post… Stop the Pigeon… stop the pigeon

Now in residence in the back of one our buildings, for the last month or so we have had to be very quiet as these two young squabs have been growing rapidly and look like they are too big for their nest now. The ladders (that their parents deemed a suitable base for their des-res) have been out of action for some years now, lucky for them eh.

Like the parents of these two, we have had a very busy spring with special offers from a couple of the stove manufacturers helping to bring in the bacon. These spring offers have now ended… oh dear I hear you say but fear not we will be bringing our own Summer promotion in the next few weeks please watch this space :)

We have had good sales of wood fuel this spring despite what appears to be one of the warmest we have had since 1910.

The following is taken from the Met Office website.

Early figures suggest third warmest spring on record

Early statistics from the Met Office National Climate Information Centre show that this has been one of the warmest springs in records dating back to 1910.

Based on figures up until 28 May and then assuming average conditions to the end of the month, the mean temperature for the UK for the season is 8.97 °C, third warmest in the records (beaten by 2007 with 9.05 °C and 2011 with 9.15 °C ”

Lets hope the summer is glorious…

The Happy Forrester :)

Hot off the stove…more than warmth…

Over the last season with various power cuts interrupting our daily lives, I have out of necessity been experimenting with cooking in our wood-burners over the last few months and I thought I would share my initial findings…..

The stove of choice a Contura 51L, one pizza,one home made trivet and a piece of granite.

First off get the stove up to normal running temperature then allowing the fire to burn until its created a nice bed of embers. I made a trivet out of  steel angle offcuts to raise the cooking platform up off the embers in the base of the stove and then the piece of honed granite from our stone masons ( resting on top of the trivet. Preheating the granite is necessary as putting a big lump of cold stone into the hot stove may cause damage to the stone if not the stove (pic 1 preheating the granite on the top of the stove, temp achieved was 165 degrees C).

You can see the temperatures achieved are really fantastic, the red laser dot showing where I am taking the reading from in degrees Celsius.

Perfectly cooked pizza in 5-6 mins, I also put a couple of pieces of kindling in the embers so that they smouldered and the smoke infused the pizza…result a very tasty lunch which was the envy of the office. A beautiful golden tinge to the cheese and a crunchy base, a perfect wood fired pizza…. then the only thing to do was reload the stove with fresh logs and in 5 mins the stove was back up to temperature.

I have been experimenting with cooking baked potatoes, bacon, sausages, lamb chops, rack of ribs to name a few and may well add more to the log over the next few months, stay happy, warm and full.

The Happy Forrester :)