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Kiln Dried Logs

Dried to an average moisture content of 20% and recommended for immediate burning on all wood burning appliances. The wood is air dried first then finished off in our own wood fired kilns and these logs are recommended by most of the major UK stove manufacturers. All the wood is hardwood, sourced from Sustainable British Woodland and the logs are cut to an average length of 25cm.

These logs provide the ultimate clean burn with maximum heat output.

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A house, for your food, for your stove

The log store provides the perfect storage solution for your logs whether storing kiln dried logs or further drying seasoned wood. The store is pressure treated with preservative and has an open front with slatted sides for maximum airflow through the logs. It is fitted with a weatherproof felt tiled roof as standard and conveniently designed in modular format to allow two units or more side by side or a multi unit of four stores. Stores are delivered in a flat pack format with clear instructions and easy to construct.

Dimensions (single log store)

Width:  124cm
Depth:  82cm
Height (front):  167cm
Height (rear):  183cm


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